Quality assurance framework

Overview of the legal aid quality framework

Legal aid clients can expect to receive a high standard of service from their lawyer. The quality assurance framework for legal aid ensures that:

  • the service provided to legal aid clients is consistent across the whole country.
  • all clients receive an acceptable standard of service.
  • everyone can have confidence in the quality of services provided by legal aid lawyers.
  • there is clear guidance and transparency for the profession.
  • all legal aid lawyers meet required standards of experience and competence, and have the systems in place to meet their clients’ needs.
  • all legal aid lawyers meet minimum standards of client service (for example, they must use independent judgment, exercise due care, explain things clearly, and respect their clients' confidentiality).
  • checks and balances are in place so that problems can be addressed.

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Key features of the quality framework

The key features of the legal aid quality framework are:

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