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The Justice and Emergency Services Precinct is one of the Christchurch rebuilds anchor projects. As such the design incorporates both the need for civic gravitas and the sector agencies desire for a more open, user- friendly environment.

Its design will provide a high quality public and occupant facility, and deliver a positive customer experience with plenty of natural light and access to a large central courtyard with easy navigation throughout.

The precinct will be constructed using an advanced approach to seismic design, with base isolation and built to an Importance level 4 standard. It will contain a purpose built Emergency Operations Centre, which will provide state-of-the-art emergency response capability for local, regional and national incidents.

The precinct will be located on the block defined by Lichfield, Colombo, Tuam and Durham Streets. The building will encompass approximately 40,000 square metres of floor space over five floors. It will be an adaptable and flexibility facility that can easily be reconfigured for both emergencies and planned changes and growth over time.

View a 3D animation of the proposed interior and exterior of precinct from different perspectives (external link)

View the progress map for up to date information on the precinct as well as other key anchor projects and private developments happening in Christchurch.

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